Weight Struggles

I think I had mentioned I had lost all of the baby weight from Travis within 2 months after his birth. Now on medication I feel I have packed on a few pounds that I want to lose but don’t have the energy to come up with a plan. I keep trying to get to the gym but it just isn’t happening; with a kid I care for getting picked up at 6PM, then dinner and baths, I’m exhausted by the time I am potentially able to go. And then when I have a little bit of energy I have other plans or commitments that night. Sigh. I’ll get my butt in there one of these days!

P.S. The picture is not my buttocks.

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One thought on “Weight Struggles

  1. Thanks for the buttockular clarification! 🙂

    I understand the reluctance to get to the gym, and I don’t have ANY kids to look after! Maybe you could try just doing laps around the couch while you’re chasing the kiddies all day…? 🙂

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