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Today’s assignment that I chose to accept from Mama’s Losin’ It‘s assignment desk is to “mommy play dates? What’s your experience with mom dating?“.

I have a home daycare. Other mother’s often leave my house grateful for only having one (or two) children. They also “don’t know how I can do it with so many toddlers under 3”. Stop telling me that, please, people! It is my J-O-B for crying out loud. Don’t sit there and pity me because I have to make money to feed my children! This is the best compromise I could think up to stay home with my children while working. I’m open to other ideas that let me play all day and enjoy a quiet time afternoon. That said, I’m a bachelorette when it comes to Mom dating.

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Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth is a children's book author and designer of knit and crochet character hats under the brand The Ruthless Crafter. In her spare time she loves to read, watch movies, spend time with her family, and swim. She lives a full, happy life in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and their two children.

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  1. I haven't read what you are referring to, however, I also have a home daycare/preschool. I have found that my clients have become my best friends (other than my family who really are!). I think in our career fields it actually makes it easier to make adult friends, because we have a shared interest-their children! I find it easy to chat with these Mom's longer then is necessary, because they need someone to talk to about their children. They just need a listening ear, and open heart. Good luck to you!

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