Halloween Candies – Oh Boy!

In my part of the world, Halloween is all about dressing up and getting candy!

I can hardly wait – oh boy!!

Our school has started to collect hard candies. The idea is that the candy is sent to
less fortunate countries where they only have rice to eat and their palates are not as well-rounded as ours. The theory is that the sugar in the candy will stimulate the taste buds. I’m not sure I agree or fully understand it but I’m happy to get rid of the hard candies and the children are in agreement so it’s win-win around here – plus I only really like the chips and chocolates anyway!

I’ve heard some parents do the “Switch Witch” where you leave out your candies and she comes and switches the candy for a present. Fun idea but then whose candy would I raid for the next few weeks (after all, isn’t that the best part of being a parent of young kids?!).

I’m salivating just thinking of all the goodies my little ones will drag home on Friday night. How about you – what are your plans for all the Halloween candy that is about to invade your house? Will you use it to make fun desserts? Do you have a plan to buy back your kid’s candy, or do you just eat it all late at night after they go to bed?

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