Holiday Grub

Unfortunately, there is a drawback to the food when visiting for holidays. There are so many goodies laying around begging to be tasted, nibbled, shoved into ones mouth. How could I possibly resist their calls?!

It’s self-sabotage, I know. I had lost inches and pounds over the past month and it has taken a week to reverse that success. At least at home we don’t have such temptresses laying about (or in the house at all for that matter).

I have done one workout of The Shred (two days ago) and have been making serious efforts to drink 2 liters of water each day plus I am trying to avoid where the sweets and salties are laying around. Today I think I’ll break out The Biggest Loser Boot Camp or Weight Loss Yoga DVD. Wish me success, please.

Now I’m off to a bacon and egg brunch. Yum!

Are you resisting or giving in to the holiday food temptations?

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