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I have been so inspired by the May Small Projects Sew-Along! I got a fair amount of my list done and have added a few more projects. I’m also going to make a June Small Sewing Projects list on my Crafts Page if you want to see how I’m making out.

I did make myself two skirts with the remaining bits of fabric from Ava’s capris. I only had barely enough to cover my hips. I like the skirts but they are more straight and I prefer an a-line flowing dress for my body type and for the heat of the summer.Here is the original creation.

I used the ironing board for this photo so it’s on an angle the way it’s hanging down.

I bought some other material for this skirt after I was inspired by this “How to Sew a Tiered, Ruffled Skirt” tutorial. I’m hoping that I can leave the waist as is and just rip the side seams. Let’s hope it’s that easy since I made the waists with adjustable elastic and buttons so it can grow or shrink with me.

I was thinking this would be a nice contrast to the purple skirt. I also have a solid dark purple that I might sneak into it.

I was hoping this and solid white would make a nice ruffled addition to the striped skirt.

I’d like to make some capris out of this material for my daughter. If there is leftover material I may attempt a ruffled skirt.

Same idea for this one –  capris and if there is leftover material I may attempt a ruffled skirt.
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