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Since I am in the kitchen cleaning, decluttering and organizing this week, this post was really helpful. Below is my summary of her points.
For the full post, visit Money Saving Mom.

Counter Tops / Table

  1. Keep trash and recycling bins close by
  2. Use a junk drawer
  3. Implement a system for papers
  4. Create zones
  5. Practice daily maintenance 

Cabinets / Drawers

  1. Use dishes, glasses, pots, bowls, and storage containers that stack nicely inside each other
  2. Toss any containers that don’t have lids, any lids that don’t have containers, and anything that is cracked, rusty, melted, or broken
  3. Get creative and find organizing containers you might already have around the house
  4. Think about how you use the items in your kitchen — and then store them accordingly. For example, if you only use certain serving pieces during the holiday season, store them in your basement or garage. However, if you use a specific appliance or tool every single day, you should either leave it out on the counter or store it in a very convenient place.

Refrigerator / Pantry

  1. Pull out all your food. Once you can see what you’re starting with, quickly toss anything that’s expired or past its prime. Then group like items together {canned fruits, canned veggies, meats, cheeses, dairy, pasta, cereals, chips, etc.}
  2. Use shoe boxes and small plastic organizers as a frugal way to keep my fridge, freezer, and pantry organized.
  3. Once these areas are organized and all the food is put away, get in the habit of putting new food behind the older food so you don’t end up with expired food hidden way in the back
  4. Challenge yourself every couple of months to take a week off from grocery shopping and eat from your pantry and freezer. You will save a bunch of money by not buying groceries that week and clean out your pantry, fridge, and freezer while getting creative with your menu plan that week.
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  1. Oh man, I wish I could get into a cleaning/decluttering mode. Lord know, my house could really really use it.

    Stopped over from SITS favorite blog list. 🙂

  2. Glad you were able to come by for a visit. I am paused in the kitchen. I know I need to do it but it's also the most overwhelming. I've made good progress so far but it feels like there is still so much to sort through! Good luck with your goals.

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