Sewing Creations – Reveal!

I finally got a chance to upload some photos of my creations. 

This first one is a cowgirl skirt. I was able to find adjustable elastic so if they need to make it smaller you just pull the elastic and put the notch over the button.

Here is T-man’s Toy Story shorts that he also wears as pajamas. He wouldn’t let me adjust the waistband to stand straighter.

The “Mom, I have to do a pushup for your blog photos!” pose.

I got this fabric when I was in the US for a dance competition with Ava. It’s awesome. You just need to sew a side seam and make a finished hem. I also added straps. Since this photo I have made the straps closer together so we don’t show “boobies”.

I’ll try to get more photos up for you to enjoy of their outfits.

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