Do You Set Annual Goals?

In January I often review my insurance policies, update my client contracts, prepare the previous year’s tax
information. There are probably a few more things (I know it takes longer than it appears on the list) but that is the general idea of them.

Plus there is goal setting for the coming year. Money Saving Mom has some key points to keep in mind when goal-setting:

1. Determine Your Priorities
2. Create a List of Focus Areas
3. Break Your Goals Down Into Bite-Sized Pieces
4. Set an End Date
5. Track Your Progress

She also has some fantastic planning sheets and forms for household management and goal setting. Click on the highlighted topic to be taken to her planning sheets and forms.

Speaking of household management,  Beth at My Simpler Life has set out a daily decluttering and cleaning calendar for 2012 that you should check out.

I’ll be working on my planning this weekend. Do you set goals annually? If so, how do you organize yourself and is this the time of year that you plan?

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