I’m an Organizing Addict

I’ve decided that I MUST get this house decluttered. I am drowning in it. I have almost the whole upstairs done with Ava’s bedroom to finish and only in Travis’s room to re-arrange the furniture. His closet (which he doesn’t use quite yet) has been emptied of all the hanging clothes that I had stashed there and I either donated them or sold them. There are a few bags by season to be given to a consignment store and anything that doesn’t get taken from them will be donated.

I have been successful to date because I sat down one day with my calendar and wrote one zone per week (some zones were bigger such as the kitchen so they get two weeks). I started with the front room on the top floor and went from there to the basement. These zones will be decluttered and deep cleaned as I go. I am extremely excited with the project I’ve made thus far. I have slipped up a few weeks but luckily I’ve been able to catch up and when I was behind more than a few weeks such as over the holidays when I was baking or shopping on the weekends I let myself re-start where I left off and updated the 2009 calendar accordingly.

I feel lighter already!

Although now I’m starting to get ambitious and I’m looking at calendars and schedules other bloggers have created BUT after writing this blog I think I’m going to stick with what I’m doing and what is working. As I often remind my 2.5 year old daughter, focus … concentrate!
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