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I have had these curtains hanging in my bedroom for a year now I think. It’s time to hem them and finish them off. I have 6 panels of navy blue curtains (2 on a small side window x2 windows and 4 on the main window). I want to have the main window have 2 larger panels and longer hem while the 2 side windows will require shorter hem and I am currently debating keeping the 2 panels or making them 1 as well. I’ll look up cute ideas after the main one is done and the hem is complete.

Pictures of the too-short and too-long before …

Pictures of the better hem AFTER …

I am going to document the hemming process because, well, it just motivates me. Also, I was dreaming about the process all night and half-awake looking forward to doing this so I feel I need to share it with you too …

Step 1: Pre-measure cutting line

Step 2: Take curtain off rod, place on a hard flat surface, rip-stitch the existing hem

Step 3: Iron out the pre-existing creases

Step 4: Place curtains on rod and re-measure with new hem

Step 5: Take the curtains off the rod and do a second measurement on the floor

Step 6: Measure and mark your cut line @ 3/4 inch and a fold line at 1/2 inch

Step 7: Press the base line with an iron

Step 8: Take a big gulp and grab the scissors … cut along your cut line

Step 9: Fold under your fold line and press with an iron

Step 10: Sew along your fold line

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