Allowance Update and The Bagelful Spectacle

The first week of allowance went well. On the second day my daughter brought me her hairbrush and the detangler and asked me to braid her hair. Wow! Definitely worth the 10 cents
for that task! (It’s on her morning routine list).

They are really getting the hang of it. Yesterday I promised them 20 cents if they did what I asked without complaining to put things in their proper places (the house was in a bit of chaos and I was feeling desperate). You have never seen children more polite or more willing. I definitely rememberd to pay them out today also. Allowances are really blessings – why have I not caught on previously?

On a funny note, coinciding with the first day of allowance we had a bit of a bagel uproar.

Someone took a bite of the little man’s bagel (age 5). I think it was his sister but of course she wouldn’t admit it.

T refused to eat the bagel for now it had GERMS! I explained that the germs were from one of the members of his family (since no daycare children had arrived as of yet).

Of course nothing was convincing this young man.

So I did what any mother would do in such a situation. I took a bite of it to remove the germs.

Oh boy. Now there were TWO sets of GERMS on his bagel.

Dear me! So I set about to cut all the germs off the bagel.

At this point, my son disgustedly said that it wasn’t the right SHAPE of a bagel and refused to eat it. So I ended up eating the darned thing.

It’s pretty hilarious actually. I  really can’t make this stuff up. I don’t have the imagination they have!

I am planning to enjoy the beautiful sunshine Sunday that is presented to me by going to the fabric shop and the gym. Enjoy yours!

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