Our Garden

My husband is an avid gardener. Let’s just put it this way … if he didn’t do it I’d either hire someone or be musing about how fast weeds grow and multiply. Anyhow, he is so passionate about it he even gets plants growing in
the colder months from seed. He has the basement all set up with fancy plant growing lights and trays of seed and soil. I don’t ask – as long as it’s out of my way I’m okay.

So he plants these seedlings that he’s done for months and months into the garden and within a day of them being planted the bunnies have eaten almost all of them. We’re up in the bedroom putting our daughter to sleep when my hubby looks out the window, pretty much throws Ava at me and rushes downstairs and outside to chase away a bunny. My daughter (2 years old) is horrified “daddy and the bunny!”. I try to calm her and say “Daddy’s crazy”. Is that calming I wonder? ha ha. It’s all I can think of though. He’s down there for 20 minutes doing something. Thankfully when I ask he says he was barricading the backyard to keep it out.

A few days later hubby tells me that mother nature must be laughing at him because as he has been standing in our dining room looking out, a family of bunnies hops out of his garden eating the last bits of his plant. I, being the very supportive wife that I am, laugh at him. At least he has a bit of humour even if he is pretty annoyed at it all. I’m just worried about Ava … she keeps randomly saying “Daddy crazy” and “bad bunny” whenever she looks outside in our backyard.
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