TMNT Crochet Backpack Finish

Last Saturday, April 13, I wrote how I finished a Donatello TMNT Mask and was preparing the ambitious goal of creating a TMNT backpack for my 5 year old son.

After doing research on Pinterest, I created a TMNT board for inspiration. I decided I would create crochet hexagons using
this Super Simple Hexagon pattern from One Loop Short.
Funny story ~ I created six hexagons after my son had gone to sleep. In the morning I suppose he checked up on my progress. He had them all laid out and told me “Mom, you need to make one more.” I said “No, I made enough.” I proceeded to lay them out. Sure enough, the five year old had figured out I needed seven. Smart boy!
After referring to photos several times, here is what I came up with. A basic rundown of my process:
  • Crochet seven hexagons in green.
  • Join the hexagons using a brown yarn.
  • I sewed a lining of material to the inside of the pack so when little TMNT toys get put in it they won’t fall out.
  • I used a cream yarn to make the side against the back.  I used a circular rug pattern until it was large enough to match the outer “shell” and then joined it with the brown yarn.

I used an adjustable strap pattern of about 85 rows of double crochets and a few loop holes. I added the front strap across the belly so that it would stay on little bodies.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The buttons I found even look like little turtle shells!

The boy LOVES it (and the girl too as you can see her in the photos – I might have to make another one for her!)

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