Looking Forward to Routine

Thank you to everyone for making my SITS day so special. I’ve been absent due to an out-of-town competition for my 6 year old daughter’s dancing. It’s fun but also has kept me away from my computer. I’m loving the comments and will do my best to respond to them as the week progresses.

I was doing really well with exercising. I just increased my gym membership to an every day versus an alternate day option and was going every day for a week. I’ve been logging my calories, increasing my fruit/veggies and water intake and have been walking or working out at least 2 miles a day. Then the weekend crept up on me and there were poor food choices and a lot of eating out food temptations and no spinach and fruit smoothies to get my “good” foods in. I’m probably up a few pounds from no working out and an increased amount of sodium but I resolve to get back on track as of tomorrow when the routine starts back. I am actually looking forward to getting back to the “norm” I had set myself on. I’m going to not beat myself up and just fall back into my good tracking and exercising patterns. I really don’t have any other choice. Thankfully the children came with me to the grocery store tonight and I was able to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables for the week.

How do you bounce back after getting sidetracked (or derailed) from a goal you have set for yourself? Could be food or another goal that you have set.

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