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Since this past February we have been talking about Ava going to junior kindergarten. There has been a great debate as to whether we send her to the Catholic School or the Public School. There are pros and cons to both. Alas, we made our decision and she starts on September 7th for her first hour, then the next week it’s one full day with half her class and the Friday September 17th she starts full time.The school where she will attend offers alternate full-day kindergarten. Thankfully both of my children are born at the beginning of the year so they will be okay for a full-day. I wonder how those December babies are going to manage?

We went on a “trial” bus ride last Sunday and got her really hyped up about it. I still hadn’t heard about the bus stop but (call me crazy here, folks) I figured that the stop would be near our home. Is this an unrealistic assumption? The qualifiers to recieve a bus for a junior or senior kindergarten student are that they live more than 0.8km from the school. We live 1.0km from said school. And yet, her bus stop is 396 meters from the house. Why don’t I just walk her to the school?? The best part is (insert sarcasm here) the kids who live at the bus stop are too close to qualify for the bus. I understand budget cuts but come on! Use your senses, bus people. Don’t you have children yourself with younger siblings? The only saving point of this that I can see is that I will bundle up my kids (and day care kids) in the winter or rain and go to the bus stop and hop out with Ava while they stay warm and dry. I will then be able to continue to our regularly scheduled morning activities. I must shake my head over the whole thinking and the incredible red tape beaurocracy.

Let’s not even stop to consider that when Travis starts school, Ava will no longer qualify herself for the school bus and so I will have to drive one and take the other to the bus stop – or just take them both myself. But I have two years before that horror…

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