The Royal Wedding: William & Kate

I didn’t think I was going to do it but I did. I woke up for the 6:00AM wedding of William and Catherine.

They are intriguing. From the story of the commoner catching the prince’s eye to the way they are, apart from him being a royal, a regular modern-day couple in love. Their insistence on doing the wedding their way while treating tradition with respect is refreshing and gives hope that when they reign it will be a kingdom that represents both tradition and modern rulings.

Yesterday, joined by Harry, William made an impromptu visit to the crowds to thank them for coming outside the palace the day before the wedding. Wow.
(Can’t see the link? Click “impromptu visit” to see the princes visit the crowds)

I wonder about the huge expense of the wedding. Watching CBC News they estimate the wedding to have cost approximately $70 million (Canadian dollars?). Would suppliers not give it for free knowing the publicity and cache would pay a thousand-fold? Who is in charge of this budget and did they negotiate? Those would be interesting questions to have raised by reporters.

I adore the glances and side-talk between William and Kate. The smirks and obvious adoration between the two is endearing.

The vibe from Pippa and Harry is interesting also. Based on their bios (click their names to be linked to one) they seem to have the same personalities. It would be a scream if they hooked up but perhaps too perfect at the same time. No, I don’t think it would work after-all.

When we first saw Kate in her dress I must admit I was relieved she didn’t do a Diana-style dress with an incredible 25 foot train. It would have been too over-the-top and I would have been put-off. The girl has an eye for style (or her stylists do) and she hit it bang on with only a 9 foot train. It will also be nice to get rid of the strapless style and have sleeves and caps come back into the wedding dress style.

When Wills (supposedly) told her “I love you. You look beautiful” when she first came to the altar, putting on her ring stuck a little, and the apparent joke to his future father-in-law that “I thought we were just having a small wedding” I fell more in love with the couple.

I don’t know why but I find the couple are hard not to watch. Is it because of the hype, that they are royal, that they are a good-looking couple, or that they are around my age and stage of life that interests me? Their kisses (yes, we got two!) on the balcony and giggles afterwards was perfect!

I am thoroughly enjoying the coverage and am thrilled that I was able to wake up to watch the ceremony and carriage ride to the palace live.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding? What was your favourite part and why?

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  1. I loved the speech by the Archbishop it was beautiful! I really liked the whole ceremony in general! Kate's dress was so beautiful! I'm with you- no more strapless!!

  2. I did not watch the royal wedding. I have wanted to see clips of it, but actually haven't even seen any yet! (no, I do not live in a box) When I was little, my mom had this big photo book of Princess Diana's wedding. I remember looking through it all the time and my mom telling me about it.

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