As I am working through the whole house, room by room, I am making progress slowly but surely.

The second floor (bedrooms) is done and I keep planning on a specific room at a time for the main floor but corners of the basement are
getting done also since the stuff from the bedrooms has made its way downstairs, and the main floor also needs things brought to the basement and room made for it. I don’t want to just dump it and make for a huge basement clean up so this is why I do corners of the other rooms to make room for what has been brought down. Make sense?

Our furnace room is also our storage room and my husband’s tool room. We can barely step into it as stuff towers above and around us. I’m leaving it for last (and to see what is all left in the house after it is purged). I am really nervous about it. He’s taken a stab at it but has just rearranged it and not actually gotten rid of stuff. There are shelves but the totes we have now don’t fit. I’m going to invest in some that do or figure out other creative ways to use the space.

How are you keeping your home organized and decluttered? Are you following any challenges?

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