The Basement

We have finished 90% or our basement renovations. Need to add some baseboards and install the sink plus paint the stairwell and it will be done. Plus there’s the little finding-a-place-to-put-all-the-stuff-we-moved and
de-cluttering part. Thankfully my friend is coming over tonight to help me organize and make decisions on what and how to get things out of the house. I am SO looking forward to this.

My sister-in-law just got married this past summer. They are likely to start a family in the next few years so it makes sense to keep baby stuff for her. But where to store it? When there is limited storage space where does an exersaucer go nice and tidy?

I have a home daycare. There are 3 playpens here that I need to keep “just in case” I get more babies to care for. And the baby gates – what to do with all 5 of those?

Then there is my craft room/guest room that is more craft and storage room.


When you start dreading going to a new space because of the stuff, I think that makes it high time to get unloading.

I wrote about the toy invasion and have some pre-organize/declutter pictures here if you want to go down memory lane. I will take before and after photos tonight to post and update you on our success and progress – cause I’m sure there will be a ton!

What do you do to make overwhelming spaces more useable?

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