Spring Clean & Purge Party ~ Bathroom Summary

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I’m late posting my bathroom before and after today because I was dashing around finishing the last one. Apparently this is where I stashed all the baby stuff that needs to be “taken care of” (a.k.a. sold or donated).

If you are just joining, check out the bathroom assignment and introduction to the Spring Clean and Purge Party.
We’d love for you to join us!

Here is my summary of the four bathrooms I cleaned. Incidentally, Ava (4 years old) threw up in two of the toilets that I had already cleaned so I had to go back and disinfect those. I guess she likes clean to do her pukies.

Bathroom #1 ~ The Master
This room basically got a fabulous deep clean and I tidied the already organized drawers and cabinets. Not much in the way to see photo-wise.

Bathroom #2 ~ The Kids


Here is the “stuff” that got jammed under the sink cabinet.

And here is the pile of things to get rid of.

And now the clean under the sink.

There was a table jammed in the corner.

So I took it out. Much roomier.

And here is the “clean” look of the Kids Bathroom.

Bathroom #3 ~ The Main Floor
There was only one shelf that really got stuff taken off of it as it is only a pedestal sink and toilet in this room.

Here is the shelf before.

And after.

Bathroom #4 ~ The Basement
This bathroom had the biggest transformation. It’s on the “to renovate” list so at present has become part of the dumping ground. It’s also hubby’s seed planting area.



And this is all the garbage I threw out.

Now I am off to list the items I want to sell on Kijiji. I think I’ll list them for low amounts just to get them out of the house but feel I’m getting something for them versus nothing. Then I’m writing up the next room for tomorrow which is the Master Bedroom (wahoo!). It will be posted bright and early.

Link up your before and afters for the Bathrooms. If you are already a part of this McLinky, add your name and the room you are posting so we know. I thought that would be easier than a whole bunch of McLinky’s.

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