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I feel like I have accomplished a lot so far in getting the house organized. There have been several bags of things donated to date. I love to just walk into the rooms that have been decluttered (master bedroom, bathroom and closet) and just sit, enjoying the “nothing” and cleared

I am keeping my motivation and have big plans to move more out of the house as I venture into the other rooms and see all of the stuff just sitting there. The kids rooms, art supplies and play room are the big ones but I’m itching to get into all the cupboards of the kitchen as well as clear papers in the office that I have been slowly taking over as my craft room. As I’m in a room I am setting items that don’t belong there into their new place until I can organize it better. For example, does my son need my fabric in his closet? It worked well before the craft room but now that I have the designated room I’ll be moving it all into one space. This is also helping me plan what projects I want to tackle and what I will never get to. I also have plans to use the kids baby blankets and make some memory quilts for them.

I’m decluttering during the week day afternoon quiet times and am trying to stick to a room at a time. It’s so easy to want to start everywhere but I know that won’t give me the same sense of accomplishment and it would only leave things messier until I organize them. Weekends are for crafting and catching up on those projects. I am also finishing Ava’s baby memory book from 2006. I work on that in the morning when the kids are in programs. It feels great to see that bin emptying and I’d like to present it to her for her birthday in March. I feel I’m well on my way to getting it done.

What are you proud of having accomplished recently?

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  1. You are moving right along! Nice!! I haven't done much – I did slightly organize the desk area. It at least has a 'clean spot' on it. Still working on it. Plans have been made, but not set into motion.

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