We are so fortunate to have a pond in behind our house. In the winter it makes for an instant skating rink. I love looking out on snowy days and seeing it teeming with families and friends having a great time together.  This past weekend we went out and purchased
skates for our kids so we can join in the fun.

We bought strap-on-the-boot ones for Travis and grow-with-me ones for Ava.

I’m especially pleased that she is at the first size so it can grow another 4 sizes with her foot AND she chose the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear style so Travis won’t have a problem using them when his foot gets big enough.

Travis took to it more than I expected and it has been he who has been asking every day if we can go out and skate and play hockey.

And yes, they are wearing their bicycle helmets. The ones in the store were $60 and above and we weren’t even sure if they were going to like it! These will do for now.


There is also tobogganing hills too for the children to enjoy.
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