Sewing Machine Maintenance

I just signed up for this FREE Craftsy class called “Sewing Machine 911“. It’s to teach beginners to advanced how to care for their machine and determine what is wrong should things not workout. Perhaps this could save some repair money with regular maintenance and a general knowledge and understanding of when help is indeed required instead of continuing on and making things worse (and more expensive!).

Let me know if you take the class and what you think of it!

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Craftsy or this class but I wanted to share this great find with my readers.

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4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Maintenance

  1. Hi, love your website and the links you have for cooking ahead. I always try and do that, although it doesn't always happen. Sewing machine maintenance is a good idea, until the get the problem you can't fix, like mine a few months ago and I just had to get it repaired by a professional although it cost a lot. Have a great weekend. Susie x

  2. I had a little bobbin issue this week and with only having had watched the introduction to the course I had a lot more confidence to try to figure it out myself (even if I was sweating through it). I agree though, when you aren't 100% sure or if it's a big problem, it's well worth the money to get a professional to fix it for you. Will likely cost you less in the long run because you'll be sure that it's fixed the right way!

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