Organizing Arts & Crafts

Today the kids are visiting their grandparents. I decided it would be a great time to go through the house, put stray items in their place, recycle art to make room for the new ones they will be bringing home from school soon, and a quick

Somehow I’m finding myself now organizing the activity books and colouring pages – we have so many I need to donate and “re gift” pile them. I pulled out the previously organized books (that nobody has used) from the Game Area.

I also need to clear out a bottom drawer to make the lunch packing station since we have most of the lunch items on the counter waiting for this station to happen.

Then I need to organize the craft station and the colouring drawer as it’s getting spread out all over the house. I also need to incorporate the new school supplies we purchased.

This will become the go-to place when we need to do homework.

Plus there are the children’s desks (shudder) in their rooms. It sure is a vicious circle but I know I’ll be happy when it’s all organized. Even if the dusting waits until tomorrow …

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