NaBloPoMo: Home

When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes? 

Growing up my mother stayed home and my father worked long hours. I believe that the area in which we grew up had many families who were similar in this regard.

In terms of every day living, I think it was visiting my friend’s home who had a single mother raising her that I realized that not all families were the same. They lived in a basement apartment whereas we had a house. I had two brothers and two parents. Her mother ended up getting married and having a second child ten years younger then us. That was different. It was also fun to have a “little sister” that I never had.

In raising my children I am more aware of what other people are doing to instill traditions and daily routines. This is not to be the same but to get ideas on how to raise our children and structure our household.

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