Master Bedroom & Closet ~ January 8-14

I am in love with my decluttered bedroom and closet. Last week I followed my getting organized 2012 and my master bedroom plans. I was able to clean out my night table, purge a ton of clothes (5 bags!!), wipe down my blinds, vacuum my
drapes and dust my baseboards. I even got the items to donate out of the house. My bedroom looks fabulous! It wasn’t very exciting so I didn’t get any before or after photos. I wish I had taken photos of the bags I donated but I forgot. I’ll try to do better as I go through the other areas of the house.

Yesterday (Sunday) morning was spent on the master closet. I thought it was mostly cleaned out but then I remembered all the blog advice out there to remove everything and then put it back. There were a lot more items that I initially thought. I was also able to do a very thorough vacuum, baseboard cleaning and dusting overall. My main goal was to clear items from the floor. It turned out great!

I pulled out the items that I could (I didn’t bother for the hanging clothes as they were easy to access, just the items on the floor or the shelves.

I dare not purge hubby’s items but I did colour code his clothes (white to dark, left to right) and sorted the shirts by long sleeve and short sleeve. He wasn’t as happy as I thought he’d be since I found out after my organizing that he had a “system” of his own. But I think it looks prettier. He should thank me because I didn’t purge any of his 40 tee shirts, right?!

I mainly took the pants off the wire hangers and put sturdier plastic ones on.

Tell me this doesn’t look like getting dressed in the morning would be easier and more fun!

Here are my shoes. I am happy to report that I actually got rid of 3 pairs! I was able to put my summer ones on the bottom shelf and winter ones on the top shelf. I found that if I put them sideways I was able to gain more space.

And here are the items I donated today.

And the items I removed from the closet but need to recycle, toss or move elsewhere in the house.

I keep walking in my bedroom and looking at my closet and it is so wonderful I take a big breath with pride and relax whenever I look in the rooms. I am excited to go through more rooms and reveal them also!

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