My Wee Knight

Here is the book photo …

And here is my version …

My little guy has been so secretive about his knight costume. He had it on and let me
snap this photo.

I made it big because this way he will be able to both grow into it and wear it over a coat on Halloween night.

I also got a shield he made this summer laminated so he can wear it with him and it won’t get wet or ruined.

I have enough extra yarn that I may whip up a Halloween trick-or-treat bag in the same colours. Too much?

He is so excited!

Now I need to finish off my little princess dress by sewing on some ribbon and tulle. Then you’ll get a show of what she is going to wear.

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3 thoughts on “My Wee Knight

  1. Cute, cute, cute! I can barely crochet or knit a basic afghan, so I'm in awe over your talent! Can't wait to see the little princess! I'm now following your blog & on Pinterest. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    đŸ™‚ CAS

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