My Clothes Have Been Tamed

I fluctuate between sizes. In recent years due to pregnancies and post-birth weights I have held onto clothes that I might one day need or wear again. Since having two children my body has changed shape and what once fit me in a size does not flatter anymore. I also used to work in
an office and needed suits. I now work out of my home as a home daycare provider. Needless to say, the suits of 7 years ago a) aren’t in style and b) don’t suit my current career choice. Today I went through all my clothes drawers and the closet and then under the bed where I store the “other sizes” of clothes. I managed to collect 5 bags to donate. I was going to try to sell them but I don’t think they are worth the effort. Frankly, I’ll just be glad to see them out of the house. I feel lighter already!

If you are cleaning out your house and looking to get rid of them, here are some great ideas on where to donate, sell or recycle your stuff. The list is by type. I found it very helpful. I hope you do too.

Oh, and today I also managed to go through the remaining pile of keepsakes and have organized them by date. Now I can make a plan on what to do with these keepsakes.

How is your home organizing going?

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One thought on “My Clothes Have Been Tamed

  1. Good job on taming the clothing beast! I've been trying to do that when I change out seasons. It's weird how my body has yet again 'changed' since I've entered the perimenopause stage. *sigh* I've been looking for another 'style' that fits nice & not frumpy.

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