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I’m getting ready for my house next week when the big declutter is on! I have a goal to clean out the baby’s room (the closet has been a storage house for clothes that don’t fit and extra kids clothes for far too long) as well as the “gift” closet – with wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, etc. and finally the basement (mainly the furnace room and the surrounding area). I’d like to get this done by the end of August.
To prepare I am working with my sister-in-law, Caralin, to work on her space at her parent’s house (she doesn’t live here any more). She did a great job today sorting through her items. We have a significant pile that has gone to recycling and another significant pile that is going to the Salvation Army. I’m so proud of her! I hope I do half as well next week when she comes to my house to urge me to purge.
I also roped my husband into helping complete a bathroom project at the in-laws. He installed three towel rack holders and a light fixture (that apparently has been collecting dust for 13 years). The other day I gave it a good cleaning (it was the least I could do with 16 people showering it daily!) and even vacuumed the ceiling and the fan from some cobwebs. I even took down a dark shower curtain to lighten up the shower stall. It’s so pretty now and mom-in-law is ecstatic. I don’t know who is happier – her because I’m helping get some stuff organized or me because she’s spending time with the kiddies and I’m doing what I love to do without anybody hanging off me.
The more I’m organizing things the more I wonder if I wouldn’t want to do this as a business on the side?

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