Dear Santa

Santa Claus is coming to town. I don’t have decorations up (yet, although that’s the plan for today before the kiddos return from their grandparents’). I also don’t have our Christmas cards written and in the mail (but I do have the list updated). And I almost forgot about Santa Claus letters. Egad! Thankfully they are a little young that they wouldn’t have been devastated but still!!!

There are 11 days to get my letter in to Santa and to get him to write back. I am going to make a template and get all the kiddies (daycare and my own) to do this on Monday.

I gotta keep on top of this stuff to stay at the top of the nice Mommy list! LOL

And because I haven’t written a letter to Santa in too long, I Googled (and Googled and Googled) how to write a letter to Santa. I found the clearest instructions on e-how. (Be careful when you search because I almost got a virus or worm … maybe I have but I can’t tell yet and I’ve done scans, scans, scans to check it out).

From the instructions on e-how, this is the template I came up with (this one is from my 3-year-old daughter ~ of course, she’ll pepper it with her individual wants I am sure) …

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. I listen to my mommy and help with my little brother Travis. I even go to pre-school to learn as much as I can. I love art.

Santa, could you please bring me ___ for Christmas?

My brother, Travis, is 1 and he would like anything you bring. He’s not that picky but a truck or train would be nice.

Thank you, Santa.

Ava & Travis

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  1. I am so glad to read this today. Everyone else in blog land has their tree up and cookies baking and their house spotless and their presents wrapped… and me? NOT SO MUCH! We haven't even thought about the tree yet. I have thought I should clean a spot on the living room floor for it : ). I am stopping over from SITS. I forgot how to write a Santa letter too. Thanks for the instructions!

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