Do You Use Santa and His Elves?

The kids were so hyper for a few weeks leading up to Christmas. We did threaten to call Santa a few times and then I came up with the brilliant idea that Santa and his elves do “spot checks” randomly throughout the day and we can’t see when they are peeking. But not toilet times, of course. Then we got caught up in all the “how do they check” questions and it got tiresome and questionable in answering them. Ha ha.

Do you use Santa and his elves when your children are too excited to remember how to behave? Surely I am not the only one?

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2 thoughts on “Do You Use Santa and His Elves?

  1. When the kids were little, we'd place actual calls to Santa (aka their Great-Uncles – whose voices they didn't recognize well). The adult would explain what was happening & then let the naughty kid talk with Santa… heheehehee… it worked… the amazed look on their faces was priceless…

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