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I’ve had a bit of personal drama this week. My parents and maternal grandparents are on a cruise. It sailed out on Sunday and on Monday at the first port my 79 year old grandmother (Nonna) “drowned” but was successfully revived. With my father and grandfather stuck on the ship for a few days and communication being limited, it was all very terrifying. She is doing well as if the last report.
Nonna had given me all of her knitting and crochet and tons of yarn because she can’t see well and she knows I would appreciate the supplies. I thought I’d make her a lap blanket out of chunky yarn (soft and warm!) for her bed. They never have nice blankets in hospitals. That said I’m working like mad to get it done before I visit her which will likely be this weekend. I should be able to, right? Crochet is so fast.

For the blanket, tonight I went to Wal-Mart for a black to tie in all the “stash buster” plans I have to use up the colours with 2 rows of each colour. I think I’ll do every 5th row black to make it look like somewhat of a pattern. The price I was charged and the price at the product were different so I got the yarn for free. Score! This project wont cost me anything but time now. lol

My daughter’s 5th birthday is next week. I just finished knitting her a nice cotton dress and crocheting her a hat in matching yarn. I need to finish the flower (she wants to wear it to school tomorrow so I better get cracking!). It turned out absolutely adorable. I want to sew her pjs for her birthday too but the blanket is definitely a priority.

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