A Simple Solution for Plastic Grocery Store Bags

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Thank you to Mandi at Organizing Your Way for her fantastic post on how to minimize the space plastic bags take up when storing them. Since I’ve read it I have taught my husband and mother how to do this technique and we LOVE it!

(photo of final, space-reduced, storage-ready plastic bags)

Here is a summary of how to … photo instructions (very helpful) on her original story.

1. Start by holding the plastic bag in one hand and the handles with your other hand.

2. Holding the handles tightly, slide your other hand down the bag, squeezing out all of the air.

3. With the end of the bag in the palm of your hand, begin wrapping it around two of your fingers.

4. As you wrap the bag, the handle will twist in your hand.

5. When you get to the end, you should have a small loop left in the handle.

6. Take the loop and slip it over the rest of the bag to secure it in place.

7. Your bags will be tightly secured and compact for easy storage and portability.

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