Christmas Countdown Planner

I got a burst of holiday spirit today and decided to get my Christmas Notebook organized. I follow the 100 Days Til Christmas prompts to keep me motivated and on track for savouring the holiday season instead of worrying that I’m missing
something and ending up doing it at the last minute.

I try to keep my Notebook simplified so it is small enough to grab if I am going shopping. I have the following contained in it:

  1. Calendar with tasks sorted by week
  2. List of Christmas Gifts to make (I update the status weekly)
  3. Budget and Gift Idea list (I use one worksheet for both to try to reduce my lists)
  4. Past actual budget and gifts given
  5. Christmas card address list
  6. Cookies and dessert recipes
  7. Menu planner
  8. Baking planner
  9. Magic Elf ideas
  10. 10 Easy Steps for a Great Santa Letter (to help prompt the children when writing)

Did you know, that today there are 80 days left until Christmas day? So far the prompts can be summarized over two weeks.

My Progress:

  • Holiday planner assembled – COMPLETE
  • Calendars marked and goals plotted – COMPLETE
  • Gift lists made – IN PROGRESS
  • Gift-buying/making commenced – IN PROGRESS
  • Fall embraced – COMPLETE

My Progress:

  • Halloween plans underway – IN PROGRESS
  • Costumes considered – PURCHASED
  • Craft research for the holidays begun – COMPLETE

I’m feeling pretty good about my holiday status. Today I did the holiday planner assembly AND we happened to get the children their Halloween costumes! Have you begun to think about either holiday?

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