On My Way to Being a Sewer!

Here is the Christmas apron. I am super excited. It took me a few hours (having to start and stop plus work around the kiddies). Ava is my model. Keep in mind that she is 3 years old so it would obviously be longer on a “regular sized person”. And don’t you love her matching pj’s? LOL

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The New Crafter Is Here! Sort of …

I have been so inspired by the blogs that I read. There are so many talented and creative women out there! (Men I am sure too but in this case I follow the women and their blogs). Lately it has been the sewing and home decorating blog projects that are grabbing my attention. So … last Sunday I went to Fabric Land to search for a simple sewing project. I do enjoy sewing, however, the projects must be easy enough to be completed in an afternoon or less. I was fortunate to find the following projects … Two pre-designed Christmas

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Hemming Curtains

I have had these curtains hanging in my bedroom for a year now I think. It’s time to hem them and finish them off. I have 6 panels of navy blue curtains (2 on a small side window x2 windows and 4 on the main window). I want to have the main window have 2 larger panels and longer hem while the 2 side windows will require shorter hem and I am currently debating keeping the 2 panels or making them 1 as well. I’ll look up cute ideas after the main one is done and the hem is complete.

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