Birthday Dress and Cloche Hat

Here are the knit birthday dress and crochet hat I made for Ava’s 5th birthday next week. It’s a cotton summer outfit but she has a March birthday so we added tights and a long-sleeved shirt to make it season-appropriate. I’m so pleased with how it turned out, especially after the mishaps of the original attempts (read about it here). Parties I’m joining …

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The Crochet Dress

This dress is got to be the most frustrating. Not the pattern itself (or maybe it is the one with the error?) but the inevitable mistake on my part. This is the dress I’m attempting to make … It’s a Vanna White pattern. There is also a matching sweater that I hope to make … one day … when I figure out the dress! The first time I took it apart because it was too big and the sides were getting wider and wider as I went up. Then I started it again but after a few rows gave up and put

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The Craft-Creative Low

I’ve been experiencing a craft-creative low. I opted to read books during this low period (hence the increase of book reviews). Thankfully my migraines are subsiding, the house is clean and getting stuff purged and I am ready to flex those creative muscles again. I have one more toy box to cover in fabric and then I can show you the finished toy shelves in our living room. Then I really want to figure out how to finish the quilt I’ve started for Travis. And I am crocheting an adorable Vanna White pattern dress for Ava that I need to

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Crochet Hook Holder

I got a pattern for this cute crochet hook holder. Mine looks very similar but it is taller than I expected – more knitting needle length versus crochet hook size. Good thing I do both! I went to my stash of knitting and crochet supplies (read all about said stash here) to see which to keep in this nifty holder. The needles were quite unorganized. It’s great to have so many but not so great to not know what sizes there were. Since each size has at least two sets of needles, I’m going to make my mom a set

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My Valentine’s Day Sweater

I finally finished the sleeves and assembling the sweater that I made over the Christmas break. I thought it would make a great sweater for our Valentine’s Day date tomorrow (hence the decor in the background of my photo shoot). I think I’ll need to find a nude bra or camisole too as the white is pretty blinding at some angles! Side note: I am getting my hair coloured and cut tomorrow so it will be perfect for said date night. The photos also motivate me to continue my weight loss efforts. I’m doing well but you can never have

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Patchwork Afghan

I did it! I finally finished the afghan I’ve been working on for the past month. I think it turned out nicely and masculine for the man on my Christmas giving list. My daughter insists it’s for her “Uncle P” so we’ll have to see when all is said and done who it goes to. Oh, and thanks to my hubby for arranging all the squares. It was overwhelming for me after crocheting all those granny squares.

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The Blanket

I started to crochet a blanket for a girlfriend who is having a baby in the new year. Ava saw me working on it and told me, “Mommy make that for Ava.” I guess it’s for Ava now. It’s nice to know that she appreciates the homemade. She even tells people with pride that Mommy is making it for her. She also often reminds me (or confirms to herself) that the blanket is indeed for her. This is shown in the green and blue stripes but I am going with the white and yellow.

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