The Craft-Creative Low

I’ve been experiencing a craft-creative low. I opted to read books during this low period (hence the increase of book reviews). Thankfully my migraines are subsiding, the house is clean and getting stuff purged and I am ready to flex those creative muscles again. I have one more toy box to cover in fabric and then I can show you the finished toy shelves in our living room. Then I really want to figure out how to finish the quilt I’ve started for Travis. And I am crocheting an adorable Vanna White pattern dress for Ava that I need to

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Patchwork Afghan

I did it! I finally finished the afghan I’ve been working on for the past month. I think it turned out nicely and masculine for the man on my Christmas giving list. My daughter insists it’s for her “Uncle P” so we’ll have to see when all is said and done who it goes to. Oh, and thanks to my hubby for arranging all the squares. It was overwhelming for me after crocheting all those granny squares.

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The Blanket

I started to crochet a blanket for a girlfriend who is having a baby in the new year. Ava saw me working on it and told me, “Mommy make that for Ava.” I guess it’s for Ava now. It’s nice to know that she appreciates the homemade. She even tells people with pride that Mommy is making it for her. She also often reminds me (or confirms to herself) that the blanket is indeed for her. This is shown in the green and blue stripes but I am going with the white and yellow.

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