Car Race Track ~ Tutorial

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I posted this Craft and Tell for the car race track but thought I would share the how-to if you want to make your very own. If you make one, please leave a comment with your link on how it turned out so I can come and see.

  1. Prepare main piece of material (I used 1 meter by 1 meter) for both front and back pieces
  2. Cut six squares for the car parking pockets (I did mine 6 inches squared each)
  3. Press all four edges 1/4 inch. Cut the corners on an angle. Sew straight stitch on all four edges
  4. Cut 3 1/2 by 3 inches squares for the numbers. Iron on fusible interfacing. Draw numbers in pencil and cut out. Sew with an applique stitch to square
  5. Sew pockets to main material
  6. Measure roads. Pin to fabric where you want it. Sew onto main piece
  7. Measure dashes in coloured fabric. Cut, pin then sew where desired
  8. Add applique designs if you are going to sew them on and want them to stay in one space. I’m making mine moveable so I will put them together after the track is finished.
  9. Sew the front and back large pieces together
  10. Sew bias tape to finish the edges. You can combine steps 9 and 10 to one step if you want
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