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*UPDATED July 2017*

Local Alpaca Farmer

It is my honour to work with a local group of alpaca farmer, Canadian Alpaca Products, who work together to bring the finest alpaca yarn products and services at the fairest price.

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Canadian Alpaca Products members work together to breed the best animals, provide the best in shearing and herd health services, create award winning products, and establish a breeder market.  From rescue services and health care consultations, to nutritional supplements, fibre sorting and yarn patterns, the members of CAP bring decades of experience to all aspects of the alpaca industry. (source)


As a creator and designer, one of my business priorities is to partner with locally raised, processed and dyed yarns so when this opportunity came up I jumped at the chance.

Alpaca Yarn Partnership

I make items from the provided alpaca yarn for the farmers market booth. My business card is affixed to the items I make to promote me as the artisan.

I can choose whether I crochet or knit pieces and have input into the patterns used. After three projects I earn yarn to use as I please.

It is a wonderful opportunity to learn the yarn process and use the luxurious final product.

Last time I went to their booth, they invited my family to visit their farm. I’ve never seen an alpaca up close before. We are looking forward to it!

How adorable are these creatures?!

Let’s Discuss

Have you ever visited an alpaca farm? Have you ever used alpaca yarn?

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