Workin Out Wednesday ~ Wii Fit

I’m having a really tough time with this whole weight issue. Let me explain …

This week I’m at my parents. We “share” a Wii and the Wii Fit program ~ basically I use it whenever
we are here.

Since the last time I used it (around December 2008) I have gained 6.6 lbs.

Since I have been here, using it daily, I have gained 2 lbs.

There are a ton of excuses I could use … the medication I am on makes me gain weight, the 1 lb of Easter bunny solid milk chocolate that I scarfed down in 4 days,

I am starting to run so that would add muscle, or I am mid-menstrual cycle and crampy and bloated. All of these are true but I still feel disgusting and blimpy.

With a 3-year old daughter and a 1-year old son I want to ensure I am healthy and focused on a positive self-image.

I don’t want my daughter to hear me complaining about my butt being too big or my hips or wherever. I want her to know that Mommy goes to the gym or works out to get healthy and feel good. I want to be here for her and don’t want my health to be a problem. I also want her to have a good self-image.

What am I going to do about it? This here is my 5-point plan.
  1. I am starting to track my Weight Watchers points (I am a lifetime member who has gone off-the-wagon after two kids).
  2. I am going to exercise (Wii Fit, run or the gym) at least 30 minutes a day and bring it home so I can ensure I get it done.
  3. I will plan healthy menus on a weekly basis (one for me and one for the kids).
  4. I will increase my water consumption.
  5. I will work with my doctor to wean off my medication (it’s part of the medical plan so it’s all good).
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