“Watermelon” by Marian Keyes

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I’m reading “Watermelon” by Marian Keyes as part of the Busy Moms Who Love To Read‘s  March book selection. This is the first novel I have read with this group but so far it isn’t too bad. I’m not too impressed that the protagonist got left by her husband the day she gave birth but I’m getting through the novel and keeping an open mind. Specific questions for us to consider (and my answers):

  1. On a scale of 1 (lamer than lame) and 5(super fantastic) rate the following:
    • Style of Writing  4 (it’s fairly clear and easy to follow though some of the Irish terms I am not familiar with)
    • Development of Characters  3
    • Flow of storyline  3
    • Over all book  3.5
  2. Did you enjoy the full range of emotions that Claire encounters?  I am only half-way through but the emotions are definitely realistic so far.
  3. What was your most favorite part? 
  4. What was your least favorite part?  Her husband leaving her the day she delivered the baby (this isn’t a spoiler – it’s the crux of the story)
  5. What did you “not see coming”?  Her loss of all the baby weight in 6-weeks. Wow!
  6. Many have said that this is Marian Keyes’ weakest novel – have you read any of the others? What do you think?  I haven’t read any of her other novels.
  7. Will you read any more of Keyes’ books?  I’m undecided but I will definitely look them up and see what they are about.

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  1. I have read Watermelon and remember liking it OK but Rachel's Holiday is one of my favorite books. Yes it's brain candy but tasty brain candy!
    I'll have to check out this book club.

  2. I was totally shocked at the baby weight loss part too! So not fair – my youngest 18 months and I am still working on it! Thanks so much for participating in the book club. I am going to give Rachel's Holiday a go – thanks Cheryl, and I hope you will join in!

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