Toss It Thursday

It’s overwhelming all the “stuff” in the house. I sat down with my calendar one day and decided I needed to break it down into manageable chunks. I took one room a week (sometimes 2 weeks for the larger projects) that I would declutter 15 minutes per day in that room and then deep clean (dust baseboards, ceiling fans, California blinds, windows and screens, etc.). So far it is going really well. I started at the front, top floor room and went down ward accordingly.

Thus far I have completed …

  1. Master bathroom
  2. Master bedroom & closet
  3. Upstairs Hallway (including linen closet)
  4. Kids bathroom
  5. Travis’s bedroom
  6. Ava’s bedroom
  7. Upstairs stairwell
  8. Laundry room
  9. Main bathroom
  10. Hall closet
  11. Family Room
  12. Dining Room

This week I am to do the kitchen. I am procrastinating this project big time as it is the biggest so far. I just have to remind myself to breathe, start, and if I can only achieve 15 minutes at a time then that is all that will get done (it will be more than if I didn’t do anything, right?!).

To do …

  1. Downstairs Hallway
  2. Office
  3. Play room
  4. Furnace room
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