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I was planning to join Org Junkie on her “The Great Garage Clean-Out Challenge” but, my efforts have been hi-jacked.

Let me explain. I’ve been doing great at helping my parents empty THEIR garage for
their pending move but I’ve been getting stuff in our garage as a result (even though I’m being very careful of what I am taking to our home). I’m afraid to even post a photo it’s so full!!

The good news is that, before the items make it into the house, they will have a space cleared out for them and I will be getting rid of items in the house that we no longer use before we place it.

This week I plan to weed through the garage, sort it into “like with like” to take inventory of what we have, list items for sale and take items we don’t need to Goodwill.

Although I’m very overwhelmed, I snapped two really quick photos (so you can share your sympathy with me).

This space is usually where my van is parked. It got booted when we put a new vanity into our bathroom. Then I decided, since the van was out that I’d sort through the garage in “like with like” piles. Then my parents were moving and all went to make this mess.

This is the other side of the garage. My daughter got a new bed and this is her old one. We’ll have to decide where it will find a new home so it will be going but it’s a matter of when. The rest is the kids toys that got shoved into the corner.

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  1. You have my sympathy. I'm glad I don't have to deal with all that stuff. (Then again, I've got plenty of my own stuff to deal with.)

    Good luck with the move of your parents. And with your garage clean out. Eventually, it will happen.

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