Slowed to A Halt

I have been stricken by “viral bronchitis” since the second week of September. It has completely eaten all of my energy and motivation for doing anything. I finally went to the doctor and he said since it is viral there is nothing to give me but to let it work it’s way through my system. It could be until the end of October to do leave me!

Weight loss/healthy eating/exercising kaput. Organizing with the Home Organizing 101 challenge has been half-heartedly attempted. Sewing projects, well I did have an ambitious to do list here but without energy I barely crossed items off. So much so that we purchased Halloween costumes for the children since I knew I didn’t have it in me. The blog – since nothing much was happening with me nothing much got added here – sorry 🙁

Home Organizing 101 Challenge
The house is coming slowly. I used up all my energy last weekend to do regular cleaning. It’s week 7 and I’ve done spits and spots of the challenge but have not actually completed a room. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will clean the house and go forward from there. The good thing about this challenge is that I’m getting big projects completed to move them on their way and am making decisions on items that I had no idea what to do with. It’s just that it takes time to move them on out but when they are gone that is a huge relief to me and a huge space cleared out! Check my progress on my Household Management page. I have links to my posts on the area I have completed.

Sewing Projects
Today I summoned some energy and crossed off #3 on the list. I do have a full list of items that I try to update with monthly goals on my Crafts page. Here is what I completed in September with a link to my blog posts to show you how they turned out.

  1. Housecoat from monkey material for Ava
  2. Summer Dress for Ava
  3. Hello Kitty Shorts and Shirt for Ava

I didn’t quite make it to these projects.

  1. Capris for Ava
  2. Skirt ruffled revision for me (x2)
  3. Casual Capris for Me (material and pattern purchased)
  4. Skirt for Me (material and pattern purchased)
  5. Long Skirt for Me (pattern purchased, material TBD)
  6. Skirt for Ava (pattern purchased, material TBD)
  7. Pajamas for Ava (pattern purchased, material TBD)
  8. Halloween Costume for Travis (pattern purchased) scratched from list
  9. Halloween Costume for Ava (pattern purchased) scratched from list

They are going to go on hold until I get my parent’s quilt done! I just need to top stitch but I’ve been afraid to start it. Now that I’ve had some space from the quilt I’ve come up with a road-map of my plans. I finished Hello Kitty tonight so that tomorrow my husband can help me set it up on the quilt racks. I’m going to start and not look back. I’ve been procrastinating over it far too long and I really don’t want a second Christmas to pass without the quilt presented to my parents. I’ll get back to the other projects (above) after I get this sucker signed, sealed and delivered to the rightful owners. I can’t wait to share with you!

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