The past two weeks we enjoyed a family vacation. The first week we spent it at my parent’s cottage and the second week we enjoyed my in-laws. As the children grow so quickly and we all have busy schedules during the school year, it is nice to slow down, unwind and catch up with family.

I was very ambitious in the crochet projects I packed but I did successfully get the following worked on:

Monster University’s Mikey Crochet Along 

I wrote about Mikey on my craft blog, The Ruthless Crafter if you want to see where I got the pattern and idea from. Before I left for vacation I had the hands and feet complete. I was SURE it was going to be an owl!! I finished it at the cottage my first week relaxing (a deadline helps as I was working on it until the last minute and then had to photograph it to submit!!).

Hello Kitty Crochet Graphgan

I wrote about Hello Kitty on my craft blog, The Ruthless Crafter. Before I left for vacation I had Kitty and most of one end done. I finished this blanket at the cottage. It was a nice relaxing single stitch while I sat on the deck and watched the kids play with wet dogs by the water.

My Daughter’s Crochet Cotton Dress

Before vacation my 8 year old daughter and I went to Wal-Mart as she asked me to make her a dress. She picked out a very bright variegated cotton. I thought it would be too bright but I love how it’s working up! When I was at the cottage I had to choose from a selection of patterns I brought and decided on this one. You can’t see it but you single crochet front loop then the next stitch is single crochet back loop, alternating around. It makes it a tighter weave with no holes for peek-a-boo underneath. I took it to the beach with us the second week and worked on it a pool parties and on the sand. I have to continue the length – I hope there is enough yarn left to get it long enough or else I’ll be getting creative with the edging!

How do you like to vacation? What is your favourite time of year and who do you spend it with?

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