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I finally put our family photos (since 2006 when my daughter was born) into picture frames. I want to make a gallery wall. There are many blank walls for us to have one. I like the family staircases myself. There are 13 frames that I

ended up with.

IHeart Organizing has some great tips on how to make a gallery wall that I want to share and that I hope to follow:
  • Don’t leave too much space between the frames.  1-2 inches is about perfect.  
  • Make sure you get a pattern figured out that you love before putting holes in your walls.  Do this by either laying it out on the floor or taping templates to you walls.
  • It’s not always necessary {we didn’t this time but you will barely notice the frames of a different color since the artwork matches so wonderfully}, but you may like to use frames that are uniform in color.  Different shapes and sizes and detailing to the frames are great for visual interest, it’s the color that keeps a uniform look. 
  • Add matting to your art.  Even if it’s just a scribbled watercolor painting from your two year old, matting it will make it look like a priceless piece of wall art!

How and where do you display your family photos?

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