Organizing Christmas Decorations

I have been very focused on my  mission to declutter. I have cleared a whole lot of clutter from my home. I have been spending each week on a zone and have made significant progress on the house. Today I can even see a clear space in the play room where I was storing the Christmas bins. The bins have been purged, organized, and have found a home under the stairs with the other holiday bins. I think it could be shrunk from three to two bins but each Christmas will let me go through things further when we see what we actually use. Definitely motivation to continue. I now plan to go through all the wrapping supplies and putting all occasions in one space (Christmas, birthday, showers, wedding, cards, bows, ribbons, gift boxes, baskets, etc.). This will allow me to see exactly how much we have in the house and determine how much we really need to store. I’m going to check out Pinterest now for some ideas and inspiration.

How do you organize your gift wrap supplies?

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