Master Bedroom

I am really enjoying the 2012 declutter calendar created by My Simpler Life.

This new year brings forth my plan is to review finances and
household management. The first month I’ll focus on decluttering.

So far this week I have organized my knitting patterns, put my yarn for making charity blankets into a tote and moved them from our master bedroom closet to my craft room, cleared out my night table drawers (that was an unexpected hour-and-a-half cleaning!). I came across magazines since 2006 when my daughter was born. They are ones I am intending to read but needed a plan for. I organized them all by month and have set a goal to read all of the current month’s (we’ll just forget about years for now) magazines. So far I have read 1 magazine and recycled it. I’ll work on the other four January ones this week. Very rewarding!

I will organize my clothes drawers on Tuesday and under my bed on Wednesday. Under the bed will be freeing as I have (neatly organized and put into clothing bags) a variety of clothes according to the different sizes that my weight fluctuates between. I would like to keep some of the basics (jeans, tees, sweaters) but only a handful for each size. The rest are from my work days in an office that a) the styles have changed since I’ve last worn them and b) I would buy new ones if I were to return to an office job so why am I keeping them. Since they are sorted by size I thought I would try to list them on Kijiji first and if after January they haven’t sold I’ll just donate them. I’ll price them to sell but keep in mind that I want the items out of the house. I feel so free just knowing I have a plan.

How are your new year resolutions coming? If you posted about your resolutions, please comment with a link as I’d love to see what others are doing too.

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