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This weekend is the painting and re-organizing of the laundry room. Dear Husband doesn’t think it’s a priority but, his own theory put back to him, it is a domino effect – we have to take the shelves
from our master bedroom closet to move the tall-boy there and we need to put those shelves SOME where so why not re-organize the laundry room/mud room first? Then next weekend he can paint the master bedroom (as my birthday gift!).

I was very excited about this project and today I started to dismantle the room. I got an alarmed hubby calling from work asking “you did what?!”. I just want this project done if I have to do it myself. I’m even willing to paint it all on my own during nap times if need be! I’ve lived in this house of sad-grey-based-taupe for four years now and it’s time to punch in some colour. Although hubby insists I’m picking “girlie” colours – which to my defense I believe they are “kid” colours. I was looking for a lime green but chose a toned-down version hubby could agree to (although it still is lime green to me but he feels better about it!).

I’ll post our before, during, and after of the project. I also have a great idea for curtains (but who need curtains in the laundry room asks hubby?! – I DO!!).

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