Knit Sweater Whoopsie

I have a bit of a knitting story to share. Since October I have been working on knitting a sweater for a client’s son for Christmas. I worked the front and back with both panels on my circular needles to maintain consistency. Finally at the armpits I decided to re-measure against a sweater she gave me that fit him well.

This is what I discovered.

Yep, 14 inches too wide. On the front AND the back panels. Yep, I wanted to cry. The kids (ages 5 and 7) were so great that they hugged me and helped me unwind it. Thankfully I have a ball winder so it only took 5 minutes to unwind hours and hours of work! I only had the heart to unravel one panel though.

Today I worked on the back panel and am 10 inches into it. I still have an hour of knitting to do so hopefully I’ll be at the 18″ that I need to start arm pits by the end of tomorrow. I am also checking against the red sweater every 4 rows on this one!

What’s your biggest “oh no!” when working on a project?

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