Kids, The Garage and Sewing Project Update

Holy heat wave here in Southern Ontario. When it’s hot out my brain gets mushy and I come up with little that is worthy of mentioning on the blog, especially since I don’t accomplish much when I’m too hot.

Summer holidays have started this week
for the children. Ava is now going into Grade 1 and Travis will enter full time Junior Kindergarten in September. I remember thinking when Travis was a baby that September 2012 would be so far away and here we are approaching it in a few months. Good thing about him being a January baby is that he is SO ready to start school. I think he’ll adjust really well to full day every day school that is new for our school this year. I have them attending camp for July in the mornings for a few hours and they seem to really be enjoying themselves. Then we have a few weeks vacation and a low-key August with some swimming lessons and library and park time and then it’s school shopping and the start of our new school schedule.

My parents moved last month so we got a lot of overflow from their house. Things we (them or myself or the kids!) just weren’t ready to let go of. So that got dumped into my parking spot in the garage. Then it’s planting season so Scott spread out all the yard and potting flowers in there too. This was fine in the mild spring weather but now that it’s heating up, I want my car back in it’s rightful spot pronto. Today I took to sorting through the boxes from my parents house. I sorted according to what floor things would go to and am bringing an arm-load full at a time, finding homes for the items, and then repeating. So far I got the basement pile dealt with and I can see some floor space in the garage (woo hoo!). I was also able to list a few items I don’t want but didn’t want to just donate onto our local free ad classifides, Kijiji. I hope I get some nibbles so I can get rid of that big box of “stuff” soon.

I also have my June sewing projects update. I got a few things done but not nearly as much as I had wanted. The daycare got some new kids so they are keeping me pretty busy and I’m too exhausted at night to tackle sewing. Here is what I did get done.

  • Summer pajamas for Ava
  • Sew leader material for quilt frame (6″ x 10′)
  • Hello Kitty (skirt or shorts?) for Ava
  • Capris for Ava (x3) ~ 2 complete
  • Skirt ruffled revision for me (x2)
  • Summer Dress for Ava
  • Top-stitch wedding gift quilt ~ on the frames!
  • Finish armchair sewing caddy
  • Use monkey material for Ava (either pajamas or housecoat)

This month it’s all about finishing the wedding gift quilt. I bought a quilting frame to use with the sewing machine and it’s a little bit frustrating and slow going while I figure it out. I know it will be worth it once it’s done but the learning curve and the heat together are making it seem even more slower-going.

How was your June? Do you have July goals?

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