I’m Going To Freeze This Winter!

Our 8 year old daughter enjoyed dancing from ages 2 until she was 5. Her last year she even joined the competitive team!

She did amazing but it was near impossible to get her to sit still to put 100 teeny weeny sponge curlers in her hair. Don’t even get me started on
slap-dabbing the stage make up – the false lashes are still new in the package somewhere too I believe!

When she said she didn’t want to return her Grade 1 year Mommy was not pushing it (though to be fair I did ask her several times over the summer to ensure she hadn’t changed her mind. She did not – phew!).

This year she is in Grade 3.

The school sends home flyers for every type of sport to “come try it for free!”.

The first one Ava flagged was Water Polo. Well, we lasted 7 minutes exactly and then she was out of the pool wanting to go home. Sadly it was a comedy of errors as she had had a full day of school, dashed to the tutor and then went to the pool. She was in a tad deep and I think she scared herself and swallowed some water and that was the end of the Water Polo.

The second flyer she flagged was Ringette. I don’t know how to play Ringette but I knew she couldn’t drown and she had some solid skating skills as they have been in lessons for a few years now and we have a pond behind our house she practices on. I had no idea what equipment to bring other than her helmet and her skates. Luckily the organizers had extra gloves and helmets with cages and sticks to let her have a good shot at seeing if she liked it.

Wouldn’t you know it, she was pretty good! So… she is now a Ringette player. Two practices so far and it’s going well.

Now I have to figure out how many cups of tea to bring to stay warm for the whole time!

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